About Contrail Cockers

Who are we and what do we do

Contrail Cockers are synonymous with quality. From the USA to Singapore since 1994 they have excelled themselves not only as fine shooting companions and Field Trial dogs but also as Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, Medical Detection Dogs, in Customs and Excise and Police sniffer dogs. A few have gone on to compete at Agility.

I was once asked by a prospective owner if said cocker would travel well in their private jet (As it transpires my cockers like helicopters too!) From croft to castle they have taken it all in their stride. As well as being intelligent, talented little dogs, emphasis is on natural hunting and retrieving ability with the utmost attention paid to kind temperament and bid ability.

This is paramount to me for most of my cockers must be good family dogs that also go out shooting during the season. Dear Hedley Millington in one of our many chats advised me never to be blinded solely by ‘Red Ink’ on a pedigree. Something I have always thought about when planning a mating or acquiring fresh blood into the kennel. I enjoy shooting over my dogs, particularly rabbit and rough shooting. Field Trialling is my way of testing myself and my dogs against the highest standards in the country. There is no finer feeling than breeding, training and Field Trialling your own stock. I won my first Field Trial 1999 with Contrail Crackerjack and have been successful with 3 Open Stake dogs to date gaining seconds and thirds at Open Field Trials. (2 firsts for FTCH Status) All my dogs, irrespective of Field Trialling, accompany me out shooting, beating or picking up during the shooting season, To date I have won over 50 Field Trial awards of which 23 have been at Open Level. Some of my Contrail Cockers who have achieved distinction on the Field Trial circuit and have thus gained their The Kennel Club stud book numbers.

  • FTAW Rowston Sting of Contrail (B)

  • FTW Contrail Crackerjack – Represented Scotland 2003 (B)

  • FTAW Contrail Cosmos (D)

  • FTAW Contrail Leo (D)

  • FTAW Contrail Chimera (B)

  • FTAW Contrail Krakatua (B)

  • OFTAW Contrail Cockle – Represented Scotland 2003 (B)

  • FTAW Quarryford Gemma of Contrail (B)

  • FTAW Contrail Comanche (D)

  • FTAW Trackjin Typhoon (D)

  • FTW Fernmoss Freddie (D)

  • FTAW Saxaphone Bounty (D)

  • FTAW Star Blast Sunflower (B)

Thank you for taking time to read this page. If I can help you have as much enjoyment and fun from these endearing little dogs that I have experienced please don’t hesitate to contact me. I will try to ‘point you’ in the right direction

Happy Hunting


In 1994 I made a life changing phone call to Peter Jones and yes he did have a cocker pup for sale. The next day I was ‘hot foot’ on my way to Wales. Although having been around dogs all my life, it is the Working Cocker Spaniel that has stolen not only my heart - but my bank balance, any smart appearance I may have aspired too and of course most of my time. I am greatly indebted to the late Hedley Millington (Nancarrow) and the late Keith Erlandson (Gwibernant) for all their generous time, kind help and encouragement which helped get me started. Obviously recognising my enthusiasm a big thank you must go to John Bailey, Will Clulee, Peter Jones, and Chris Wadsworth for inviting me with them whenever they trained on rabbits at Drumlanrig on the Buccleuch Estate or Leadhills. One of our last days at Drumlanrig the weather was appalling with driving rain and high winds. Margaret, Peters wife, dutifully followed behind while holding the next young hopefuls to come into line. A fine example of determination and true dedication to duty if ever there was one!!!! How fortunate I was to have benefited from the wealth of experience from these talented spaniel men.. I now train regularly with Roy Ellershaw (Fernmoss) who is a great help and inspiration with planning the future here at CONTRAIL.

Training with Roy Ellershaw (Fernmoss)