The Girls



Field Trial Award Winner Star Blast Sunflower - Jemima

Jemima is an outstanding red cocker bitch, fast and stylish with an excellent nose and sound gentle mouth. She is a very keen natural retriever who marks exceedingly well. Just like her grandmother before her.


Contrail Coquette - Lucy

Lucy is your true ‘pocket rocket’ true to cocker type. She is the Granddaughter of OFTAW Contrail Cockle and is showing all the natural talent of her prestigious grandmother.


Contrail Con Fuego - Blaze

The future of Contrail Cockers

Blaze is really progressing exceptionally well with her training. She is showing signs of being very biddable with a lot of natural ability and is quite precocious for her age.


Contrail Honeysucle - Chilli

Coming Soon